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HOW it works

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Mobile APP & CLOUD

Seamlessly synced via the cloud, the app provides communication between the hardware components and serves as the sole interface with the end user

Power station Assembly

Surface or flush mounted in the ground, the Power Pad is grid connected via the Power Station and transmits wireless power to the Vehicle Pad

Wireless vehicle assembly

Easily mounted to an electric vehicle, the Vehicle Pad captures the wireless power from the Power Pad and transmits it to the battery via the Battery Adapter

one station reservation

station reservation

Select a nearby station and choose the best route to navigate.

two Vehicle Alignment

Vehicle Alignment

As the driver approaches within 25 feet of the selected Power Station, the App automatically displays visual directions to assist the driver with locating the station and vehicle alignment. This feature can also be interfaced with autonomous driving technology.

Start Charging

three Start Charging

Charging is as simple as a tap of a button. Remotely start and stop charging anytime, anywhere, while accessing real-time charging data like state-of-charge via the Journey App.

Charging Complete

four Charging Complete

The Journey App informs you when the charging process is complete. Easily use the app to wireless pay your bill, monitor your receipts and evaluate your charging statistics on the fly.



Integrated with the JOURNEY mobile app to provide key features including trip planning, booking, payments, and sophisticated range estimation algorithms


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