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HEVO was founded in 2011 by Jeremy McCool with a mission to eliminate global reliance on fossil fuels by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. It quickly became clear that a charging technology that creates a seamless experience for drivers and the electric grid would be critical for achieving this outcome. The HEVO team spent nearly a decade on developing a cost competitive, third-party certified, manufacturable, and highly efficient wireless EV charging product suite. By enabling drivers to simple park and power up, HEVO paves the way for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

The company is built upon values inherent to our name – Honesty, Empathy, Vision, and Optimism. With these principles, HEVO is driving towards a future of universal, safe, and wide-spread wireless EV charging. With the stated purpose of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Optimization ("HEVO"), we are committed to accelerating the energy transformation towards a future that is wireless, autonomous, renewable and electric for use and enjoyment by all communities.


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