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  • Is HEVO’s technology safe for both animals and humans?

    Yes. HEVO has designed its equipment to meet key third-party safety qualifications including UL 2750 and SAE J2954, which require wireless EV charging products to follow minimum safety and performance standards and comply with regulatory requirements from multiple agencies. In 2020, HEVO became the first company in the world to satisfactorily achieve SAE J2954 and UL 2750 testing qualifications.

  • How long does it take to install the HEVO wireless equipment on an electric vehicle?

    HEVO certified and EV trained auto mechanics can install the equipment on HEVO approved models in four hours or less.

  • What electric vehicles are compatible with your equipment?

    Because we follow the universal SAE J2954 standard, our technology is compatible with any electric vehicle that offers that option. HEVO wireless equipment has also been retrofitted on a variety of vehicles by using existing ChaDeMo, CCS, and Tesla charging protocols.

  • How is your ground equipment installed?

    The wireless power pad can be surface-mounted and securely anchored to the ground or it can be flush-mounted, seamless like a manhole cover. The power station assembly can either be wall-mounted or pole-mounted.

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    If I install your product on my electric vehicle will it void the warranty?

    No. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act is a law governing product warranties with the goal of protecting consumers. The law prohibits the voiding of vehicle warranties based on the use of aftermarket equipment. Furthermore, several major automakers have green-lighted HEVO to proceed with offering wireless vehicle kits for aftermarket installations by EV trained mechanics.

  • How long does it take to install your ground equipment?

    It depends if the installation site has the correct electrical connections (208 – 240 volt/50A/single phase). The installation time is approximately the same amount as a traditional plugin charging system which typically takes less than four hours.

  • How does HEVO's wireless charging compare to standard plug-in charging?

    Our introductory product is rated for 8-kilowatts which is comparable to standard Level 2 charging. Our efficiency from grid-to-battery averages 91-95%, which is equivalent to plugin charging.

  • How many miles of range will be added to my vehicle after an hour of charge?

    With our 8-kilowatt rated Rezonant E8, you can add up to 24 miles of range to your vehicle after an hour of charging, which is standard calculated as three miles of additional range per each kilowatt of power.

  • Are automakers going to offer wireless charging?

    Yes. Several major automakers are preparing to begin offering wireless charging natively on their electric vehicle models as early as 2024.

  • Can I drive over a HEVO wireless pad?

    Yes. The equipment has been developed and tested for up to 20,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

  • Is the equipment weather-proofed?

    Yes. The equipment has been UL-certified with a NEMA 4R rating and has been tested for -40C to 85C environments. HEVO products are built for indoor-outdoor applications ranging from homes to public streets.

  • Where does HEVO produce its products?

    We proudly manufacture our products in the USA.

HEVO timeline


Research & Development Kickoff

On November 01, 2011, HEVO is created by CEO and founder Jeremy McCool at Columbia University as a grad school project that turns into a full-fledged business idea and vision

In May 2012, HEVO joins an NYU Poly incubator program known then as NYC Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE) which later becomes Urban Future Labs

In November 2012, HEVO forms a partnership with the NYU Poly power engineering laboratory and enters a sponsored research agreement to develop EV wireless charging technologies

During this phase, HEVO kicks off mobile app and dashboard developments to create a complete hands-free user experience


Pilot Projects & Product Refinement

In the summer of 2014, NYU Poly completes the sponsored research project, HEVO hires several key NYU Poly engineers to continue R&D and the newly form team begins prototype production for pilot projects around the globe

In the summer of 2015, HEVO begins a series of pilot projects with energy companies, automakers, tier 1 suppliers, fleets and EV charging companies across North America, Europe and Asia

The pilot projects provide HEVO with invaluable feedback and R&D requirements for refining their hardware and software products for market

During this phase, HEVO closes a Seed Round and several convertible notes while receiving several grant awards from NY state and the EU


Certifications & Production Prep

In January 2020, HEVO becomes the first company in the world to satisfactorily meet SAE J2954 requirements for electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) at an SAE J2954 selected laboratory

In January 2020, HEVO completes interoperability testing with a wireless EV charging competitor following the SAE J2954 requirements and kicks off commercial production preparations with Flex in Austin, TX

In April 2020, HEVO closes a Series A-1 round

In August 2020, HEVO becomes only one of two companies in the world to satisfactorily test against UL 2750 standards for wireless EV charging


Commercialization & Growth

In 2021, HEVO introduces the world’s first SAE J2954 and UL 2750 rated wireless EV charging product known as Rezonant with both wireless and plugin charging options and charging speeds up to 8 kW (20-25 miles/hr)

In 2021, HEVO launches the Journey mobile app with route and charging planning, turn-by-turn navigation, remote payment and seamless management functionality

Between 2022 – 2025, HEVO introduces wireless technologies that provide fast charging speeds above 24 kW and vehicle-to-grid options

Beginning in 2024, several automakers begin including HEVO products natively on their electric vehicle models and packaged with autonomy

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